Data: Understanding the SCP supply precision change

In February 2020, SCP’s supply went through a precision change, or to be more precise, a change to how the precision is represented to wallet and exchange users. It involved the moving of the decimal 3 places to the left, so that the total supply is in millions, not billions. Technically, the supply of SCP didn’t change, only the representation of it. Visually, transactions on the ScPrime network are seen in SCP, but they actually occur in hastings, which is the smallest unit of a ScPrimeCoin (24 digits or 1⁰²⁷ pre change,1⁰²⁴ post change). The smart contracts that the network uses requires very small transactions amounts because they are calculated as Hastings per Byte per block. The adjustment just changed this representation of a single SCP for every place it is used.

If you had 20,000,000 SCP pre supply change, you would have 20,000 SCP post supply change. This made the supply more manageable, in addition to making SCP more attractive to exchanges, and to facilitate listings on sites such as CoinMarketCap and Coin Gecko. It was possible because at the time, the coin only traded on a single exchange (SouthXchange), who’s team worked with us to dump the book and reset so that no value was lost. It’s important to understand that this adjustment did not change the valuation of the currency at all. SCP was not devalued. The emission remained consistent and the only change was the moving of the decimal 3 places.

As of late 2020, price has moved up and is currently around 300 satoshis, better, but still weak. We attribute this to very few people knowing the project exists, but we are about 60 days away (Jan/2021) from releasing an MVP and 2021 should highlight real business. Our testing network has 1PB of real capacity, we’ve maintained 3–4PH/s of mining hashrate for over 2 years and received investor funding of $600k in the summer of 2020.

ScPrime welcomes interested people to become community members and start to learn more about what we are doing and acquire new bags at current prices thru mining, becoming a storage provider or buying on the exchanges (we’re on 3 now).

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If you still have any further questions in regards to ScPrime and the supply change of SCP, please feel free to visit the ScPrime Discord!

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