Guide: Setup a Lite Wallet for SCP

Nate has released a ‘lite wallet’ for SCP. This extremely helpful tool allows someone to setup a wallet fast and easy, without having to carry the blockchain’s full ledger. If you need an SCP address quickly, and don’t have access to your UI, follow this guide and get your SCP lite wallet up and running now!

Setup is straightforward. Follow this link to access the Get Started page. Select a unique password for your new wallet and then your preferred language and then click Next.

There is multiple options to start setting up your lite wallet. The most useful ones are New Wallet and Recover Wallet. Let’s start with setting up a new wallet.

Now let’s give your new wallet a name. You can have multiple ‘wallets’ in your ‘lite wallet’ so it’s advised to give it a handle that is distinguishable. Now click Generate.

You now must save your wallet seed. There is multiple Export options if you click on the button. You can also just copy and print the seed words in the box and store in a safe place. Click on the little box next to ‘My recovery seed is saved in a secure location’ once your seed is secure and then click on Done.

Your lite wallet is now setup and you can use it to send and receive SCP. If you want to add another wallet, you can click on Add Wallet at the bottom of the screen. Let’s do that.

We are now back at the wallet setup screen. Let’s try and recover a wallet using a seed.

Give the wallet a name. You can click on Import if you have a seed file (from the export process) or just enter your wallet seed in the box and click recover. You will get another screen asking you to secure your seed. Complete as demonstrated above.

The recovered wallet is now in the list as well. Very fast and very easy to setup! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about ScPrime, please visit our Discord or website!

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