ScPrime Storage Provider Settings

We have begun moving our guides to the ScPrime domain at The documents on Medium will stay up but will no longer be updated.

The following ‘cheat sheet’ shows all the common settings and commands used by ScPrime Storage Providers to setup and maintain their provider instances.

Collateral- Collateral is part of the exchange between a storage provider and a storage renter. Because of the decentralized nature of the network there has to be a mechanic in place to keep a ScPrime Storage Provider from just switching off their computer or faking the data. This mechanism is collateral. Collateral is put up to guarantee original data is stored and not tampered with.

Max Duration- This is fairly straight forward. It’s the maximum amount of time in weeks you want to allow a smart contract with a renter to last. You can set this to what you like. 13 is a good number to set it at. Speaking further about contracts, on the ScPrime network, these contracts are smart contracts. They are validated on the blockchain, and are the reason two unknown parties can transact with each other, like ScPrime hosts and renters do.

Command: spc host config maxduration [value]

Collateral Per TB/Month- As previously mentioned, this is the amount of collateral you will put up per month, per terabyte in collateral. It’s recommended to set your collateral between 1x and 1.25x what you are charging for storage. Based on current recommendations of storage between 10 SCP and 20 SCP, collateral should be set at (if using 10 SCP pricing x 1.25) 12.5 SCP.

Command: spc host config collateral [value]

Storage Per TB/Month- This is what you are charging per terabyte per month for storage. 10 to 20 SCP is currently the set amount allowed if you want to qualify for incentives. You are not limited in how much you can charge, but you will receive lower extra incentive funds if your price is too high and may even be excluded from receiving a contract if there are cheaper providers near you.

Command: spc host config minstorageprice [value]

Download Per TB- This is another ‘fee’ you can charge depending on your ISP. Download as a host is actually your ‘upload’ in terms of your ISP. If a renter downloads some of his data from your host, you will be ‘uploading’ it to him. Many internet plans commonly have upload limits, so if that is the case with your ISP, you may want to play around with this value.

Command: spc host config mindownloadbandwidthprice [value]

Upload Per TB- Similar to above, but this is really you ‘downloading’ in terms of your ISP. Most internet plans have high or unlimited download options, so this might be one you can charge very little for.

Command: spc host config minuploadbandwidthprice [value]

A note on upload/download charges- While in theory, charging 0 SCP for upload and download would make your host more attractive for renters, there may be an issue currently that prevents storage if you do this. It is recommended to set your provider to at least 1 SCP for upload and download charges. Explore to see how varied this pricing can be between Storage Providers.

Collateral Budget- The total amount of SCP from your wallet that can be locked up in smart contracts at one time is your collateral budget. It is recommend to set this at 2KS (2000 SCP).

Command: spc host config collateralbudget [value]

Max Collateral- This setting is the maximum amount of SCP that can be locked into a single contract at one time. 50 SCP is the recommended amount currently.

Command: spc host config maxcollateral [value]

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