Data: ScPrime Storage Provider — Rent and Incentives information

One of the core features of the ScPrime project is a distributed network of Storage Providers. Think ‘masternodes’ without the cost and centralizing features. While not part of blockchain consensus, they lock the project’s utility coin ($SCP) into smart contracts in a process of providing hard drive capacity to the public. As a result of successful provisioning, they earn passive income through rent payments and additional incentives.


Under the contract, data is uploaded to the network. Now this may sound complex, but the process is automatic, with contracts formed currently based on a one-size-fits-all marketplace model. As contracts conclude, rent is paid automatically as coins are released from the locked contracts to the provider.


Recurring rents provide baseline profitability, but keeping providers in a ‘narrow band’ is an important goal. Providers may always charge whatever they feel the market will bear, but may miss out on the incentive payments by straying from the guidelines. In this way, decentralization is preserved as nobody is forced to accept incentives, but make the decision to adhere based on increased profitability. Incentives are currently rich and will continue as such throughout the year as ScPrime continues testing of the new Relayer client. The goal is a stable and healthy network throughout this testing period as the project forecasts a full product launch in Q2, 2021.

Think Uber, think distributed

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