News: ScPrime gains listing on PROBIT, Smart Staking on WhiteBit and SouthXchange promotion

It’s ‘Exchange Day’ during our Days of ScPrime celebration and the team is pleased to announce that SCP is now live on PROBIT, with three $SCP exchange listings. The new exchanges provide needed liquidity for miners, storage providers and traders to gain access to the coin with the product targeted at an early 2021 release.

PROBIT (ranking — CMC 38/Coingecko 52) averages approximately 60-90 million dollars in volume per day. It has a clean and easy to use UI, that traders who use Binance should be right at home in. Located in the Seychelles and established in 2017, PROBIT gives ScPrime direct access to the busy Korean and Asian crypto markets with an initial SCP/BTC trading pair here!

PROBIT SCP Trading Competition

To kick off trading on PROBIT, there is an SCP trading competition with 30,000 SCP up for grabs and divvied out between the top 20 traders. Trading competitions reward high volume traders and help build vibrant trading on newly listed coins. They allow a trader to be borderline profitable or even unprofitable and still earn money. When concluded, a new batch of traders who understand how to trade $SCP will exist and continue forward. The competition runs from Sept 27th to Oct 12th with information here.

PROBIT does not require KYC and does allow USA customers, making it a convenient global option that is high enough in the exchange ratings lists to make most folks comfortable with making a deposit. As with everything in crypto, do your own research and nothing here is presented as financial advice. We’re pleased to be with PROBIT and look forward to adding them to the list of places to buy and sell $SCP.


WhiteBit is a top 100 exchange on Coin Market Cap with over $150,000,000 in volume per day, 150+ trading pairs and over 300k users. They have a European Exchange and Custodial license, making them Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant in several countries. The exchange is currently working towards USA Money Transmitter Licenses in all 50 states, allow operation in the states and opening a banking-accessible in this important market. For rest-of-world customers, full compliance means there are good options for bringing fiat onto the exchange and withdraw capability after.

For people who prefer not to do KYC, WhiteBit offers up to 2BTC in crypto-based deposits and withdraws daily similar to many other exchanges. While KYC processes are not too invasive, there are still reasons for some traders to choose not to participate.

You can find the SCP/BTC pairing here and if you use this referral link, you can trade with 0% fees for 14 days

WhiteBit’s interface borrows heavily from Binance so users of that exchange will feel right at home. Coins are kept in your main wallet (assume cold) and not available for trading until moved into your trading wallet. From there, you are able to easily enter limit or market orders. The exchange is fairly new and features are being added and evolved almost daily.

Smart Staking

ScPrime teams up with WhiteBit to offer ‘Smart Staking’ as a promotion to encourage more liquidity on the coin. $SCP holders can deposit coins and earn a guaranteed interest rate every 30 or 90 days, depending on the plan chosen. Though staking is now live, the initial numbers offered were so attractive, the plan was immediately over-subscribed. We are currently revising and adding to the budget, so look for staking to be available again shortly.


$SCP has been available on SouthXchange for approximately 20 months with consistent and growing trading volume. SX is a friendly Argentinian, award-winning exchange that has no KYC obligations at all. This limits the ability to bring fiat onto the exchange but otherwise it makes for an uncomplicated ability to trade. The reps at SX provided a seamless transition when ScPrime did a supply precision adjustment making the coin supply more manageable and familiar to crypto users in general.

SouthXchange has a couple of interesting features, not the least is the trollbox. The site allows users to ban each other by using an exchange token. For some reason, $SCP has been a lightning rod in the trollbox, so we decided to use it for a community promotion.

Don’t feed the trolls

Simply post in support of ScPrime using the hashtag #daysofscp along with your wallet address. Make your post is extra spicy to create maximum discussion. We’ll choose 3 random posts and send you 2500 SCP each! If you don’t yet have an account, get started today and become an $SCP troll.

The UI is friendly with an interesting feature being up to 9 decimal points on the BTC pair to provide precision orders. Fees are reasonable and decline on a scale as you put in more trading volume. BTC deposits and withdrawals may use the Lightning network for speed. SX is a small exchange further down the CMC and Coingecko rankings, but they have a large number of coin pairs. While liquidity is low, $SCP trades against 4 different pairings including USDT, ETH and DOGE.

Guides, technical articles and news about ScPrime. ScPrime is a distributed cloud storage project.

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