Batch 1 Xa-Miners are shipping and while a more detailed guide is in the works, this ‘quickstart’ version will get your new Xa-Miner up and running today!

Note: You do not access the Xa-Miner directly by plugging a monitor, mouse or keyboard into it. You might never need to access your Xa-Miner directly, as nearly everything can be handled from the web interface. Users will only need to access the device directly when they need tech support for the unit.

Getting Started

Thank you to Ian from the ScPrime community for his assistance with this document. Please note that Ubuntu 20.04 is the platform used for the examples in this guide. This guide also assumes you know your way around Linux, can install Ubuntu, write some shell script etc, port-forward on your router and sign up for a dynamic or free DNS service.

Initial Steps

Ian used an old ProLiant mini server with 4TB that was gathering dust. This server is only a 2 core processor with 8GB of memory and normally boots off an internal USB and can take 4x 3.5” disks and…

The following ‘cheat sheet’ shows all the common settings and commands used by ScPrime Storage Providers to setup and maintain their provider instances.

Collateral- Collateral is part of the exchange between a storage provider and a storage renter. Because of the decentralized nature of the network there has to be a mechanic in place to keep a ScPrime Storage Provider from just switching off their computer or faking the data. This mechanism is collateral. Collateral is put up to guarantee original data is stored and not tampered with.

Max Duration- This is fairly straight forward. It’s the maximum amount of…

The backbone of the ScPrime network is its hosts, or Storage Providers. These providers rent out their unused hard drive space to the ScPrime project to sell to their customers. Becoming a ScPrime Storage Provider is also a great way to earn passive income while also helping to build the ‘Distributed Datacenter’.

While setting up a storage provider instance is straight forward for the most part, it can be daunting at first. The project has created several guides and articles to help new Storage Providers get online and start earning SCP fast!


Storage Provider Quick Start, UI Version- This guide…

The first Storage Provider quick start guide focused on using the ScPrime UI to set up your first provider instance. Even if one uses the UI to setup their host, it is recommended to actually run it on a day to day basis using the CLI, or Command-Line Interface, for reasons discussed in that write-up. This guide will show you how to use the CLI to setup your provider instance so you can forgo using the UI altogether.

Here are a few things you will be required to do to get started…

  1. Download and install the ScPrime Command Line Version…

The ScPrime project has UI, Command Line and Lite wallets available on nearly every platform. Many are unaware there is also a cold wallet implementation providing the highest level of security while also being the easiest to set up and configure. Cold wallets are typically used for coins the user has no intention of accessing for sale or transfer in the near future. This guide will show you how to setup a cold wallet on a ‘air gapped’ computer for maximum security.

Throughout this guide we will refer to a ‘hot computer’, which is connected to the internet and a…

This guide will be an evolving document that will help ScPrime Storage Providers maximize their provider instances as well as deal with any issues that arise as the network comes to scale.

Current Recommended Storage Provider Settings

In order for a Storage Provider to qualify for incentives on the ScPrime network, they must follow the recommended settings put forth by project. Below is the current recommended settings as well as the CLI commands to set them up.

Current Recommended Settings

To qualify for incentives, the current recommended provider settings are;

  • Minimum storage offered — 999GB
  • Minimum storage pricing — between 10SCP/TB and 20SCP/TB
  • Collateral range…

From the team…

Development status

To begin, we are opening the dev call to the public this Tuesday to chat about the info that follows. If you have time, please join us here in Discord at 1pm EST.

First, some background. After the fork, we determined the need to write our own stack as an abstraction on servlets that implement the core sia protocol. These are us, muse, walrus and shard. Our thing is tailoring an S3 gateway, customer authentication/billing, databasing for metadata and our own solution to asynchronous contract access. Also, we needed to implement our own renter which specifies…

On 11/25/2020, a hard fork occurred on the ScPrime blockchain to reset the emission of ScPrimeFunds. Exchanges and mining pool operators were notified well in advance and most updated without issue. One pool operator and one exchange failed to have version 1.5.1 operational at the fork, with miners continuing to find blocks on a shorter, legacy chain after the fork. Some technical issues have arisen from this, so this short tech support guide was created to help community members who may encounter problems post fork.

Stuck between block 109,000–109,999

The easiest way to discover if you’re not on the correct chain is to check…

ScPrime is building out a cloud storage network for their upcoming product, Xa. Customers seeking affordable data storage will purchase from SCP, Corp using traditional payment rails; credit card, purchase order, etc. This will trigger an instance of the core infrastructure product as described in the whitepaper, the Relayer, where coins are locked into smart contracts with a global storage provider network. These transactions are facilitated by the network’s own currency, ScPrimeCoin (exchange ticker ‘SCP’). ScPrimeCoin is also used in an incentive program for storage providers to maximize performance, capacity and growth of the ScPrime network.


Today, SCP’s circulating supply…


Guides, technical articles and news about ScPrime. ScPrime is a distributed cloud storage project.

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